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This website collected more than 168,000 UU-related news articles, blog posts and tweets using the WordPress plugin, WP RSS Aggregator. While it is a fine plugin for grabbing and displaying the latest few dozen news articles, it was not made to archive 168,000 items. At about the halfway point of that collection, this site was …

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Odd Twitter Campaign

The Twitter campaign revealed here is apparently not something that Unitarian Universalists (UUs) are doing, yet deserves some exposure here. This WWUUD site has an automated collection system that pulls in UU-related information into the Stream. As an automated system, it often gets information that is not really of interest to UUs, or is even …

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Newbury, SC, UU Congregation becomes a Sanctuary Church

Clayton Memorial Unitarian Universalist Church in Newbury, South Carolina, joins a growing list of UU congregations making the commitment to offer sanctuary to immigrants who have not received full consideration of their plight and life here in the United States. News article from The State newspaper Fox Carolina article See more sanctuary-related posts in the WWUUD …

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Success from 1972

At our 1972 General Assembly, we passed a General Resolution calling for “the banning of smoking from all closed places of public meeting.”1 We were out front on this issue, as this was one year before Arizona became the first state to have some smoke-free public places.2 It was a small social justice issue, yet …

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Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

Original Lyrics Coffee, Coffee, Coffee (sung to the tune of Holy, Holy, Holy) by Christopher Raible Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, Praise the strength of coffee. Early in the morn we rise with thoughts of only thee. Served fresh or reheated, Dark by thee defeated, Brewed black by perk or drip or instantly. Though all else we scoff, we come …

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Christina Branum-Martin ConEd

Unitarian Univeralist MDiv student Christina Branum-Martin reflects on her Contextual Education I experience at Congregational Ministries with Refugees during the 2016-2017 academic year. Original post

Affect Theology: A Roadmap for The Continental Gathering of Unitarian Universalist Seminarians

by Dr. Rev. Thandeka             (from archive.org* – also as a PDF) This essay serves as a formal introduction to affect theology for the Continental Gathering of Unitarian Universalist Seminarians.[i] I will highlight the history of affect theology as an academic field and show how a foundational deficiency in liberal theology can …

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