This site is for documenting actions of Unitarian Universalists and others of similar sympathies.

As I’m not often moved to blog here, this site is mostly an ever-growing stream of automatically-collected UU-related content.

Update January 2022

I am looking for someone to take over this website… See details

I feel this site serves a useful purpose, it’s just that I’m not the right person to be facilitating it anymore.

Update November 2021

The archive now has more than 140,000 entries. It had bogged down this site because the previously-used RSS aggregator was not designed to archive large numbers of articles. I have moved those functions to FreshRSS – it seems to be holding up for now. I will be slowly cleaning up the collection and adding archived content. During the move, I made some effort to have more content archived. Many of the items indexed in this database have since been removed from the open web. What gets stored here varies by origin site. Some the items are available from the Wayback Machine at archive.org. I am planning to add links to those archive pages as an option.

Let me know if I can help out with any research that you may want to do. I have a slightly different approach to how I take on such efforts.

See the full archive stream.