This website collected more than 168,000 UU-related news articles, blog posts and tweets using the WordPress plugin, WP RSS Aggregator.

While it is a fine plugin for grabbing and displaying the latest few dozen news articles, it was not made to archive 168,000 items. At about the halfway point of that collection, this site was bogging down my rented virtual server, so I moved it into my home test server. That bought me a bit of time. The split content/meta data table structure of WordPress eventually overloaded even the newer replacement server box.

FreshRSS logoSo, I am moving the entire collection to FreshRSS which has a much more streamlined database. Since there’s no easy way to embed FreshRSS inside this WordPress site, it may be a few weeks before the database is accessible again (it’s basically been bogged-down offline for months, anyway!).

During the conversion, I am having the system attempt to archive attached media in – a time-consuming process. I plan circle back and try to archive the content of other historical items that are still currently available online. Once this whole process is done, I plan to make a copy of all the data available on, as it is a trusted repository.

I am also interested in helping with any project that uses this information. I feel that Unitarian Universalism needs to be better understood and needs to continually engage in self-reflection, especially as I personally find that the UU world is decreasingly important in my spiritual life {long story, only upon request! ;-}.

Peace, Earl Daniels