Humanity of all people…

Google Maps is a wonderful way to get a glimpse into the lives of other people. It is not just a collection of roads and driving directions. There are the Street View images taken by Google-paid cars roaming the streets all over the world, and there are people everywhere submitting their photos.

As an example of these gems, I include a darling photo of children together from Feb.2017 taken in a neighborhood in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma):

Children drinking tea in Yangon Myanmar (Burma) Feb 2017
Children drinking tea in Yangon Myanmar (Burma), Feb 2017. From Google Maps.

Here’s the larger neighborhood:
Street in Yangon Myanmar (Burma) Feb 2017

And the map view, showing how to drag the “little man” icon to select the blue dot to access the photos.

Note that you can also access random street view images via through the MapCrunch web site.

Isn’t the world wonderful? While exploring in person is great, it is also fun to sample these snapshot online.


Added 10/25/17: How an agoraphobic traveler photographed the world without leaving home.