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This website collected more than 168,000 UU-related news articles, blog posts and tweets using the WordPress plugin, WP RSS Aggregator. While it is a fine plugin for grabbing and displaying the latest few dozen news articles, it was not made to archive 168,000 items. At about the halfway point of that collection, this site was …

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Leaving Sanctuary

Sandra Lopez sought sanctuary last year. Now she is leaving. “Sandra is leaving the sanctuary of our congregation and goes into the larger sanctuary of our community,” the Rev. Shawna Foster, minister at Two Rivers Unitarian Universalist, said in the statement. “This valley wants to keep families together and is committed to the unity of …

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Allergic to “God”

During a video meeting with the UU Mystics, one of the participants mentioned people who are “allergic to the mention of God.” We in the UU world are all too frequently places of woundedness, whereas our mission is to become places of healing.1 We do this by approaching others on an “affect” level, to connect …

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