Green Sanctuary

The Unitarian Universalist Green Sanctuary’s mission “provides structure, leadership and support, in broad collaboration, for the UU faith community to …

Green Sanctuary Team

The Green Sanctuary Team will be meeting on Sunday, July 19, at noon virtually. You are invited to attend. Click here. For further information including …

Green Sanctuary Team

The Green Sanctuary Team will be meeting on Sunday, May 31, at noon virtually. You are invited to attend. For further information including how to …

Green Sanctuary Letter Writing to Senators

While we remain at home “socially distancing,” one thing we can do to influence policy is write letters.  UU Ministry for Earth and UUs for Social Justice are working together to collect and deliver our letters to our national Senators regarding the reduction of the … read more.
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Painting the Sanctuary

As you saw from last week’s Newsletter, the Glenn Short Trust Committee has been hard at work fulfilling the gift stipulations with much needed repairs …

@ICSWicca InnerCircleSanctuary

We have 3 spell bag kits left: Love, Money, or Success
They will be available for pickup between 3pm and 630 pm TODAY at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Las Vegas. Please message us if you’d like one.

April 19: Sanctuary Movement Team

Interested in immigrant justice within the Athens community and ways you can help? Join us for the next gathering of the Sanctuary Movement Team …

RevelioCoMo – Sanctuary

Revelio Como is a local Harry Potter and the Sacred text group. We meet on the second Sunday of the month from 1-2:30 p.m. in the Sanctuary.

Day 5 Lenten Meditation: Sanctuary

We all need a place to feel safe. Whether safety means the need to get away from a hard day at work, a sense of loss from trauma, or an immediate threat to one’s well-being, sanctuary is necessary.Some find sanctuary in a closed door, a meditation session, or a safe community. Some find sanctuary in writing, or art, or other engrossing activity. Some find sanctuary in family or friends, or in religion.Inside each of us, no matter how old we are, is our memory of childhood, which was safe or not safe, That part of fears the unknown as something dangerous. That young self yearns for sanctuary. We can’t stay in sanctuary forever, because if we do, we are fugitives from live. Nobody needs to be safe forever. But it’s good that sanctuary is there when we feel threatened.

A Green Sanctuary

Green Sanctuaries is a national Unitarian Universalist program with the goal of developing “a new mythology for a sustainable culture.” Our church …